Registering an IBC


The information below once obtained we will forward to a reputable formation agency (which we can recommend or one of your choice) who will deal with your specific case. 

The first step for the registration of any company in Cyprus is to obtain approval of the name of the company from the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Therefore, please provide us with the names of your preference for the company so that we may pass on to a formation agency who may apply for approval or select a name from a list of already approved names or a list of shelf companies (i.e. fully registered companies) which we can obtain for you from a formation agency.


Please inform us the amount of the authorised share capital of the Company and the number of shares to be issued bearing in mind that the Company's business is not restricted or limited on the basis of the amount of the Company's capital. 

The minimum recommended authorised and issued (paid up) share capital required for Cyprus International Business Companies (IBC's) is €1,000. We would like to clarify that this amount is not blocked in Cyprus.


In accordance with Cyprus Company Law a company must have at least one registered shareholder. We require the full name, nationalities, address and professions of the shareholders of the Company and the number of shares to be held by each shareholder. Also, we need to obtain a true copy of their passports, a bank or other reference, a CV and proof of address (such as utility bill). Please advise us if the shareholders wish to be shown as registered shareholders on the Company's official certificates or if they would like the formation agency to hold shares on their behalf as their nominees, for purpose of confidentiality.  


A Bank Reference for each beneficial shareholder (i.e. for the owner) of the Company, as a minimum should be along the following lines: 

"Mr. / Mrs. .....................is known to us, is of good character and we consider him/her of good financial standing and able to meet his/her obligations as they fall due."  


Please provide us with the full names of the Directors and secretary of the company as well as addresses, professions and nationalities. There is no minimum number of Directors but we recommend appointment of at least two Directors whilst there must be one Secretary (who can also be one of the Directors). The shareholders may also act as Directors. Kindly note that formation agents provide Nominee Directors if the clients wish the formation agents to act in this capacity (mainly for confidentiality reasons and also so as to be in a position to show amongst other measures / actions taken that the management and control of the company is in Cyprus, thus conforming to any condition stated in double tax treaties to the effect that management/control should be in Cyprus) as well as a Secretary again if the client so wishes.  


Please inform us of the main activities to be carried out by the Company and the expected annual turnover.  


In cases where clients wish to obtain employment and residence permits (i.e. for non EU nationals) in Cyprus, we can assist you. 


In case the company does not wish to set up a fully operational office in Cyprus (which if they do we can assist them to do so), then we can arrange that the formation agency provides a registered office of the company in Cyprus that will best serve the needs of the specific company.


As soon as we have the above information the formation agency will proceed with the incorporation of a new company (this will only take a period of approximately ten working days) or will provide you with a 'shelf' (i.e. fully registered) company which could be delivered to you in much shorter time. (We also need to inform the agency if you require any other services such as opening of bank accounts, issue of visa cards etc).  

In order to obtain an application form applicable for the registration of a Cyprus International Business Company and /or; obtain other specific information concerning Cyprus International Companies or Companies in other jurisdictions please contact our head office in Nicosia.

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