1.    Auditing & Assurance

We here at Anthony Ashiotis & Co are committed in delivering high audit and assurance services to you so as to achieve greater goals and have a better understanding of your business. Our Audit & Assurance services are offered by an experience team of Auditors who occupy our “Audit & Assurance Department” on the first floor of our offices. This department functions independently from other teams who occupy our “Business Services Department” on the second floor of our office building. We also ensure, to the best of our capability, that you are compliant at all times with rules and regulations. By getting to know your business and the environment that you work in our audit team can offer an efficient and personal service by concentrating in areas that can help your business become stronger.
  • Preparation of audited financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Preparation of statutory financial accounts

2.    Business Accounting Services

We provide a spectrum of services to help you on the routines and responsibilities of running your company, managing the business and utilising its resources.
  • Processing of clients' business transactions and maintenance of full accounting records
  • Extraction of periodic accounting reports for management purposes
  • Assistance in the preparation of draft accounts for audit purposes
  • Set up and supervision of accounting departments

3.    Special Purpose Audits

By indentifying the strengths of your business and its weaknesses we aim to identify what is preventing growth in your business and can help you develop effective management strategies. This builds confidence in your business' future performance.

We assist with statutory and non-statutory audits and other specific reviews. We can undertake reviews for clients based on their individual requirements.

How we can help you:

We provide special-purpose audits/reviews in a number of ways (for some large engagements where needed, we can act in cooperation and with other larger audit firms), including:
  • Agreed-upon procedures engagements
  • Corporate governance reviews
  • Turnover audits
  • Completion audits
  • Grant audits
  • Prospectus audits
Expert skills:

Our dedicated team of specialists has the experience and expertise to assist you with all your special-purpose audit/review requirements, ensuring that they are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

4.    Taxation, VAT and VIES Services

We can provide support in all areas involving taxation, VAT and VIES including consultation on how best to minimize taxes (e.g. by using treaties for the avoidance of double taxation), how to be in conformity with regulations and also assist you in registering your company with the vat /tax authorities. We furthermore can assist you with site visits of the Tax /Vat authorities.
  • Local and international tax planning for companies and individuals
  • Completion and submission of tax and VAT forms and returns and other relevant forms for companies and individuals
  • Assistance with tax and VAT investigations

5.    Corporate Services (via reputable law firms / formation agencies)

Through a reputable law firm / formation agency (one we can recommend or one of your choice) we can assist you with the following services:
  • Company Incorporation procedures (by for example helping you complete KYC /due diligence information)
  • Liaising with the law firm /formation agency and yourself on a regular basis re: the company being set up and ensure its been set up as per your requirements and in line with the needs of your business.

6.    Feasibility Studies / Business Plans

We have a wide experience in preparing such reports that can assist your business in multiple ways and aspects.

7.    Business Consulting and Business Planning

We can be your trusted partner in supplying you on a regular basis with up to date data that can help you better plan ahead. We can also advice you on how best to secure your targets and how to develop your business.

8.    Company Restructuring Services

We can provide investigation, restructuring, turnaround and insolvency advice and services to underperforming and financially distressed businesses, their lenders, stakeholders and advisors. We are recognised as a truly trusted advisor in helping clients evolve and restructure their businesses. We work in the spirit of partnership with all those involved in a restructuring process to ensure the outcomes bring the desired result in the timeframes required from a business, financial and people perspective.

9.    Payroll and Social Insurance

We have a dedicated team which can assist in relation to the preparation of your payroll and social insurance contributions. We also notify you in advance and can prepare all forthcoming PAYE and SIC, as well as the annual IR7 and IR63. 

10.    Assistance in Setting up Offices in Cyprus

We undertake to find for you suitable offices as well as furnish and equip such office to suit your business needs.

11.    Staff Recruitment Services

We here at Anthony Ashiotis & Co have a dedicated team which can undertake on your behalf the complete recruitment process in order to find, develop and retain adequate and capable professional staff. We have a fresh approach to recruitment and offer an honest and reliable service to both our clients and candidates.   


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